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Guitar trio recorded live in 1994 at the Captain's Bar of the Oriental, Hong Kong. Featuring 4 Horace Silver songs, standards, bebop.

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    “Pure Magic!” – BC Magazine, Hong Kong

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    “The choice of material helps set this essentially mainstream group apart… Chako remains focused on the fine art of melodic invention” – AustralAsian Jazz-n-Blues Magazine

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    “A fine debut album of mainstream jazz guitar… Greg gets a nice warm tone and has a good feel” – Jazz Guitar Society, Australia

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    “Distinguished by warm, limber performances… Chako has a real vitality and affinity for his material and the loose informality of the proceedings are a real strength… Production values are admirably high” – Hong Kong Magazine

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    “Beautifully recorded intimate jazz… Chako’s fat, warm guitar sound leads the way” – TV and Entertainment Times, Hong Kong

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    “Subtle, swinging and melodic… Chako provides ample evidence that there is a lot more to come” – String Jazz, England

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    “Very good-elegant, tasteful, and impeccably played chamber jazz… Performed with considerable elan … Their playing is supple and responsive” – Eastern Express, Hong Kong

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    “The technical constraints of playing with his thumb nurture a lyricism and maturity seldom found… Everything about this CD, from the choice of material to the sensitive support, oozes class…His tone is warm, yet incisive… It’s a refreshing CD, with no meaningless flights of technical virtuosity or unnecessary electronic processing” – Just Jazz Guitar, USA

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    “Lilting, persuasive lines, a fat, rich guitar sound, big toned bass, and sensitive, thrusting drumming… The group certainly swings, and there is considerable empathy between the players… Inducing a relaxed mood in the listener” – Jazz Journal International, England

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