My 1st blog post – Welcome!

Jo Jo Golden Retriever and Cherry Blossoms in Japan

The thing I love most about the internet is the feeling of connectedness I get by reading and sharing posts in “real time,” and occasionally, even getting re-acquainted with old friends I’d lost contact with over the years. Even though many of my Facebook friends I have never met in person, I still feel that some are now friends, and in those cases, given the chance, I would really welcome meeting them one day in person.

I am passionate about honesty and communication. I love conversing, and even debating, about a wide range of topics with a diverse group of people, whether they be strangers or friends, and whether we agree completely on what we’re discussing or not. Some of my favorite subjects include music and creativity (of course), philosophy, health and wellness (mind, body and spirit), food, business, history, politics, sports, animals and nature, etc.

I love all that brings us together in humanity and abhor all that divides us. Patience is not one of my most developed virtues, but I am working on it. What riles my impatience the fastest is dogma and pomposity. One encounters plenty of that on the internet, but I believe the positives of the internet outweigh the negatives. So, in an effort to modernize my website (LONG overdue!) and internet presence, and to celebrate my love of outreach, communication and sharing, I hereby initiate my first ever blog! With your help, I will learn how to do this (I am such a dinosaur at 57 years of age), so please post a comment or two, and I will respond accordingly. No subject is off limits.

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