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I understand musicians because I am one. I am in a unique position to negotiate directly with entertainers and properly evaluate their abilities. I also have a proven track record in customer service, sales, and the Food & Beverage industry, so I also understand “bottom line” business goals. I am an agent who not only cares intimately about music, clients, and customers, but one who actually knows a lot about each of those too! That’s what I believe sets my company apart.

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Not one to be forever satisfied with just a good job in a congenial setting, Greg has always had more ambitious plans. His professor for an Entrepreneurship course, Ian F. Jacobs, said, “He [Greg] has started several business ventures, each one successful yet each one more so than the previous. He understands how to navigate all aspects of entrepreneurship.” Indeed, what began for Greg over 35 years ago selling candy door-to-door and teaching private guitar lessons in a hometown church, grew into a prosperous real estate sales profession in New York City, and

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a full-fledged arts management corporation that was a major player in the lucrative entertainment industry of South East Asia.

His professional experience booking gigs and planning events began almost 40 years ago in Amherst, MA, when he began fulfilling requests from guests on his regular gig at the Lord Jeffrey Inn. When he moved to Cincinnati in the mid-1980’s, he sourced a steady gig at Doc’s Place and began a sole-proprietorship booking business called Chako Productions.

That business continued in Hong Kong, and after moving to Singapore in 1994, he incorporated the booking and event planning business to a Private Limited (Pte Ltd) company, the European and Asian equivalent to an American Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). There, his entrepreneurial innovations were praised in feature article in the Singapore Straits Times Business Page, as he was the first to promote an online booking platform for all viewers of his website. Chako Productions Pte Ltd became a major regional competitor in the lucrative entertainment industry of that region, where Greg managed monthly budgets in excess of US$50,000.00 and over $1,000,000.00 Singapore dollars in annual income, plus a diverse, multi-cultural, full-time workforce of 30+ people. He oversaw highly effective public marketing campaigns and community outreach and established a high-profile performance, recording, and teaching career. His corporate success continued in Shanghai and Japan for 7 years, and when he returned to the USA for grad school in 2009, he reorganized as an LLC in Ohio for the corporate umbrella covering all his real estate and music business and teaching activities. For greater detail, please view Greg Chako's Professional Experience.