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DMA Lecture-Recital

DMA Lecture-Recital at Eastman School of Music May 2014

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Fried Curry Pies

This is my original blues from the CD, "Sudden Impact." It was inspired by Wes Montgomery's"Fried Pies," but since I was living in Singapore when I composed it, the song title was conceived to reflect the (amazing) food culture there! This performance was in Cincinnati with stalwarts on the local scene, Wayne Yeager and Melvin Broach. Good fun was had by all that night!

Fried Curry Pies - Greg Chako at Cafe Vivace

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Back At The Chicken Shack (jazzy/long)

When ever my wife walks into the club, she likes to hear this one, the Jimmy Smith blues I recorded live on one of my first CDs, "Live at Raffles." The guys had no idea what I was going to play, but it certainly didn't take long to find a swingin' groove! This was recorded Jan 5th 2019 at the Washington Platform in Cincinnati Ohio. My capable partners are stalwarts on the Cincy scene: Wayne Yeager-keys and Melvin Broach-drums.

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Blues For Redd

This is an original blues Greg composed for the famous drummer he worked with nightly for 3 months, Redd Holt, and its titled: "Blues For Redd."


Original solo jazz guitar arrangement of Misty, the Errol Garner classic, by guitarist Greg Chako, performed as part of his 1st DMA recital at Eastman School of Music

I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face

This was my first recital at The Eastman School of Music titled "Unique Guitar Stylings."

All Roads Lead Home

This ballad composition is one I'm most proud of. Originally recorded with pianist Hiroshi Tanaka and released on my CD, "Everybody's Got a Name," on this performance I'm ably accompanied by Nick Weiser, as part of my first recital at The Eastman School of Music.

Greg Chako Trio, The Thrill Is Gone

This documents a great memory of a gig at "The Greenwich" jazz club in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was a wonderful night, featuring the outstanding sax and vocals of my very old and good friend, Brooks Giles.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

May 2014 @The Eastman School of Music, my final recital consisted of solo; duo; septet; vocal; & big band formats, seven songs in total, all original arrangements and five original compositions. This is Somewhere Over the Rainbow, the solo guitar piece that began the recital.

Star Spangled Banner

When I asked two of my guitar young students what song they really, really wanted to learn, they both asked for this one, so I put together a not-TOO-difficult chord melody. After I played this on a gig the other night, 3 different people came up immediately bearing cash and compliments, so I figure it's worth sharing!

Back at the Chicken Shack 1 (basic/short)

Greg Chako & the Organ-ized Trio w/Wayne Yeager & Melvin Broach live at The Washington Platform in Cincinnati Ohio Oct 4th 2019, playing a closing tune that was an audience request made by Greg's wife: a Jimmy Smith song Greg recorded over 20 years ago on his CD, "Live at Raffles" in Singapore