My 1st blog post – Welcome!

The thing I love most about the internet is the feeling of connectedness I get by reading and sharing posts in “real time,” and occasionally, even getting re-acquainted with old friends I’d lost contact with over the years. Even though many of my Facebook friends I have never met in person, I still feel that some are now friends, and in those cases, given the chance, I would really welcome meeting them one day in person.

I am passionate about honesty and communication. I love conversing, and even debating, about a wide range of topics with a diverse group of people, whether they be strangers or friends, and whether we agree completely on what we’re discussing or not. Some of my favorite subjects include music and creativity (of course), philosophy, health and wellness (mind, body and spirit), food, business, history, politics, sports, animals and nature, etc.

Jo Jo Golden Retriever and Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Jo Jo Golden Retriever and Cherry Blossoms in Japan


I love all that brings us together in humanity and abhor all that divides us. Patience is not one of my most developed virtues, but I am working on it. What riles my impatience the fastest is dogma and pomposity. One encounters plenty of that on the internet, but I believe the positives of the internet outweigh the negatives. So, in an effort to modernize my website (LONG overdue!) and internet presence, and to celebrate my love of outreach, communication and sharing, I hereby initiate my first ever blog! With your help, I will learn how to do this (I am such a dinosaur at 57 years of age), so please post a comment or two, and I will respond accordingly. No subject is off limits.

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Integration 1 & 2

int 1 and 2 combined cd cover

Please check out my newest release, Integration 1 & 2. It’s finally on sale with more details and audio from the online store in this website. Here are some critical CD review excerpts:
Greg Chako creates a new style, breathing exotic jazz-ethno music full of spirit and solid musical foundation – Jazz Dimensions of Germany

A jazz mosaic painted with the very best of cultural, ethnic, and musical sensibilities. That striking combination provides a sumptuousness and extensiveness in the music that is rarely found in any genre. I think it’s safe to say that Greg Chako and his magnificent band are one of the world’s best-kept secrets. The word is now out; don’t hesitate in seeking out this essential jazz experience! – Keith ‘MuzikMan’ Hannaleck, Jazz Reviews

The music transcends geographic boundaries and cultures and communicates the happiness and friendship that all music should provide – Vince Lewis, Just Jazz Guitar

Recalls those exciting hard blowing sessions of the 1960’s which featured Hank Mobley, Donald Byrd, and Jackie McLean . . . with an effective mix of hard bop and Latin rhythms guaranteed to keep listener attention – David Nathan, All Music Guide

Chako, the composer, takes his inspiration from the rich Blue Note Iode, with echoes of Shorter, Hancock, and Dorham reverberating through his uniformly heartfelt performances, all of which sound like they could have found a home in the Jazz Messengers’ book – Cadence Magazine

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CDs in 2015

Greg's CDs and office

Greg’s CDs and office

I worked very hard (with lots of love!) to produce and release 10 different CDs, that included solo guitar, duo, trio, up to to 10-piece in format (with horns and percusion); some featured vocals, including my own song lyrics; standards; Horace Silver tunes; and 50 of my own original compositions; and the professional reviews were (and continue to be) consistently rave, to say the least. So, when I tell folks I am now giving them away to anyone who is interested in checking them out, some of my friends and family say I’m crazy! They say the CDs contain such good music and are so valuable as a product, why don’t I sell them for a fair price instead of letting them go for nothing? I realize they’re good and valuable – I created and paid for them – in more ways than one.

"Partial" CD storage

Greg’s (partial) CDs in basement storage collecting dust

Well, the reason I have offered to give them away is really quite simple. I’d rather have anyone anywhere in the world listening to and enjoying them, than having them sealed and sitting in boxes in my basement collecting dust.

I’ve found it too hard to sell them, so I’ve given away over 300 CDs in the past year, and have many more to share with listeners. Sincere thanks and appreciation for those who did send me a check, a barter-in-kind, or just a note of thanks saying you liked them. That means the world to me! I suppose the digital revolution, schedules, and time-space limitations are some reasons why more people do not want more CDs on their hands, regardless of their artistic and production quality, but, here is another good reason for me to start my own blog and update (slowly slowly . . . ) my website: to help get the word out that you can buy my CDs directly from this website very cheaply, or, contact me by Email, Facebook, Skype, Phone, Letter (does anyone even write and post letters anymore?), to let me do whatever possible to share this jazz with your ears, hearts and minds.


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