From touring Cleveland and upstate NY straight to the ER and a 9-day hospital bed

I was so excited and prepared to play this past weekend . . . so many plans were made and there were so many people I looked forward to seeing during my recording trio's trip to Cleveland and upstate NY. But the universe had other plans for me.

Wed. night Mar 6th, one week prior to our scheduled departure from Cincinnati, just after I finished teaching for the evening, I suffered uncontrollable chills and went to bed early. I slept 14 hours and went to see my family doctor the very next day. She said I had bacteria in  my urine and prescribed an antibiotic pill. She didnt realize that the bacteria I had was resistant to any pilled medication. Sat. Mar. 9th I went to the ER, was admitted, and didn't leave until 9 days later, coming home last night Mon. Mar. 18th (the same day we were supposed to return from our tour!).

The UTI was a particular strain very difficult to treat. It could only be treated with one type of antibiotic and only by IV. It had infected my kidneys, causing acute renal failure. On the surface, it looked like I needed Dialysis. Fortunately for me, the kidney doctors weren't so quick to go that route. After looking very carefully over my medical records and consulting with an Infectious Disease specialist, the right antibiotic protocol was found; a couple days after beginning the medicine and re-hydrating me, the alarming kidney decline began to at first, level-off, before eventually improving back in the right direction and the kidneys began regaining functionality. As the kidneys improved, the antibiotics dose could be increased and my road to a full recovery began.

The night right after my admittance, I was at an all-time low. I didnt think I was going to make it. But the next morning, as I regained my appetite and began feeling better day by day, my optimism grew and I realized I was being given a new lease on life (likely the title of a new album now in the works). When the nurse took out my Catheter yesterday about 6 hours before my ultimate discharge, I felt like a “free man” after serving a life sentence. 

I am now home and have fully resumed my music teaching and playing schedule. I taught my instrumental workshop last night, have private lessons today and am teaching a vocal workshop; I have gigs on Fri Mar 22, Tue Mar 26, Fri Mar 29, and a private function Sat Mar 30. Check the “Live Performance” page of my website for details:

I dedicate my life to music; composing it; recording it; playing it; sharing it, and teaching it. It is my purpose; my gift; my lover, and my passion. I am renewing my vows! 

Greg Chako, Tue Mar 19th, Blog #12 from “What's on my Mind?”

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