Talentpage Interview

1. How would you describe Greg Chako?

“Passionate, generous, & loving, but sometimes a trifle too intense and too honest. Humorous, attractive, and sensitive, but a trifle overweight right now. A unique and talented artist just beginning to come into his own, but a trifle too old to be counted among the popularized ‘young lions’ of the industry.”

2. Why Singapore as a base for Greg?

“God works in mysterious ways.”

3. Being in the industry and seeing the best and worst of things, what 5 (or more) pointers would Greg give to those who are still struggling or who can’t seem to make it not because they lack talent? (are there any from Greg’s point of view)?


Everybody has talent, but not everbody plays the guitar well. Everybody has a creative spirit, but not everbody expresses it in music. ‘Making it’ is a matter of one’s perspective. If one is ‘struggling’ uncomfortably, I would suggest stop struggling and start relaxing, or as the Indian yogi said, “Seek and ye shall be frustrated… relax and ye shall find!”

Instead of focusing on music itself or the outer trappings of success, one might try to focus within for awhile, resolving issues from childhood, harmful old patterns inherited from one’s parents for example. That kind of inner work of self-development and self-awareness can free the creative inner child to accomplish what he wants, and then one’s process (daily life) may become more in line with one’s end (goals), or, one’s goals may become more clear. Even if music is not a career choice, then at the very least, one should have fun with music, for life and music is not meant to be a struggle.

For a trifle more practical or pragmatic advice: there is certainly no better teacher than experience, so get a job and play; and listen alot. Also, important that once you achieve a reputable level of expertise on your instrument, learn to network and ‘sell yourself’ agressively, instead of waiting at home for the phone to ring.”

4. What’s the best thing about what Greg does?

“Getting paid to play and spread/promote good music is great for starters, but ultimately the best thing anyone can do is: giving unselfishly of what one can.”