What Greg’s Students Say

I find Greg Chako to be an exceptional guitar teacher. One of my favorite aspects of his teaching is that he not only gives you tips and tricks for excelling at the guitar, but he also consistently explains the benefits of those tips and tricks on your playing. Personally, I am kind of a tricky student to teach due to my being left-handed, but Greg Chako consistently looks for new ways to help me and truly goes out of his way to understand the nuances of left-handed guitar. He is also extremely patient which is a quality I really appreciate in him. He takes things as slow as the student requires while still pushing them to do their best and maintaining high expectations. He is also extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the guitar. It is very obvious he cares for his students and wants them to succeed. I cannot think of a better guitar teacher I could have – Marina Nelson, Ohio

I've been taking guitar lessons with Greg Chako for 2 months so far, and I'm already surprised at how much I've been able to learn. To give some background, I have a Master’s degree in Piano Performance, I'm the director of Oxford Music Academy and hired Greg to teach there in October. Some people have asked me, "with as much music experience as you have, can't you just learn guitar on your own?" Sure, I'd be able to follow along with a book and do just okay, but I discovered that Greg is an expert at making the most subtle adjustments in my position and technique that make playing certain chords and passages so much easier. He also writes his own arrangements of pieces that are a lot of fun to play. I can't wait to see what I can do as I continue lessons with him - Jon Sanford, MM, NCTM, Director Oxford Music Academy, Ohio

Greg is an inspiration to new and experienced guitar players with his vast knowledge of theory, playing, and due to his understanding of his students’ needs - Chris O’Neill, Canada

If you want to learn guitar the “right” way, Greg Chako is your man. He is well educated in music theory and a highly accomplished professionalcomposer and musician. Jazz is his passion, but Greg can play it all. He is a patient teacher with the right amount of encouragement for any age or any level student. Greg also has a dry sense of humor, so his sessions are always fun! - Bob Eikelberger, Ohio

Greg Chako taught me everything I need to know about improvisation in music. Regardless of genre, he has an uncanny way of breaking complex concepts into simple theory that anyone could understand. After lessons with him over the years, my skills improved, and I got a part-time job as a guitar instructor with the Cristofori Music School and have been teaching there for 3 years now - Patrick Teng, Singapore

Recently I have rededicated myself to learning how to play the guitar. I have used guitar instructors in the past and can honestly say that Greg Chako is the best I have worked with. His teaching style makes learning to play the guitar fun, and he keeps me motivated to practice in between our sessions. I recommend Greg with full confidence to anyone who is serious about learning how to play guitar. His passion and dedication to his work will be obvious to anyone who utilizes his service - Michael Franklin, Rochester, New York

I was already playing classical violin professionally when I met Greg Chako, but I was apprehensive about improvisation. Greg gave me just the right materials to work on and also helped me gain the confidence I lacked. Now I can play jazz and popular forms of music with a greater sense of assurance and enjoyment - Yap Shu Mei, Violinist and Director of Mandeville Conservatory of Music, Singapore

When I first met Greg Chako, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to learn, except that I knew I wanted to read music for guitar, but also to learn to sing and play. In our lessons, we’ve been able to explore both of my interests and even more, like learning music theory and how to sing. He has an immense amount of experience as a musician, both from schooland from performing, so I feel like we can really explore any interests that I have. While most of my classes have been in-person, Greg is also able to do online lessons if I’m out of town. He is still able to make online music classes just as engaging as my in-person classes. We’re able to communicate just as well through the webcam. He emails me new music weekly to work on that I can print out on my own. I feel that I’m getting a lot out of my lessons with Greg and I’m excited to see how my guitar playing will progress in the future. I would highly recommend guitar players of any skill level to take lessons with Greg, he has so much to offer - Caroline Reges, Ohio

I have known Greg as a professional guitarist for years, so I was not surprised at his extensive knowledge of the guitar when I finally had the opportunity to take private lessons with him. I find Greg to be superior in instruction and applying wide-ranging musical concepts to the guitar. If you’re really serious about jazz guitar, then Greg is the instructor who teaches it the best - Rick Jordan, Ohio

I’ve taken several lessons with Greg. He’s an excellent teacher and very generous with his time and resources. In addition, I’ve heard Greg perform at various venues. He’s as accomplished performing live as he is on the CD’s he’s recorded – John Weisenthal, Head of the Guitar Dept. at Hochstein Music, Rochester, New York

Greg’s an excellent and gifted instructor with an intense interest in the personal development of his students and a great sensitivity to their individual needs and cultural background - Akyol Levent, Berlitz Language School, Japan

With several fine recordings to his credit, Greg has a lot to offer! - Jim McCutcheon, McCutcheon Music, Ohio.

I’m a former student of the great Ron Carter. After meeting Greg Chako in Asia, I continued my jazz studies with him. Greg filled in knowledge gaps that have been key to my musical growth and was especially instrumental in helping me to understand and utilize “melodic minor” harmony. Playing and studying with Greg has truly created opportunities for me; as a result, I am currently one of the most in-demand bassists in Singapore - William Gathright, Professional Bassist

Early on in my career, when I committed myself to developing fully as a jazz singer, Greg was very supportive and helpful in offering constructive feedback, especially when it came to repertoire choices and musicianship pointers. In addition, observing him conduct his own business activities – especially with regard to procuring and maintaining gigs – proved especially enlightening and informative for my own foray into the world of music business - Yvette Atienza, Jazz Singer and Head Vocal Coach at Verve Music and Dance School, Singapore

Greg has an immense knowledge of Harmony and improvisatory tools and more importantly, knows how to simplify complex ideas into an easy-to-understand language. His teaching style is down-to-earth - Derek Short, Professional American bassist and bandleader in Japan

Greg Chako displays an outstanding leadership role and ability to work with students of varying and diverse backgrounds. He is also energetic, possessing industrious organizational skills and an adept ability in all matters of the Arts Business - Dr. Frederick Tillis, University of Massachusetts Fine Arts Center Director