Teacher - Musician - Questing Soul

Greg’s ability to arrange events and ‘all the trimmings’ at the drop of a hat, makes him reliable, value for money, and above all – a good mate!” - Dean Winter

The Oriental, Singapore, The Excelsior Hong Kong

a total orchestra, the complete package, I LOVE his arrangements!” - Gene Bertoncini

World Renowned Guitarist

Emotionally rewarding and clearly developed. Greg’s tunes are melodic and richly complex, with intelligent and sensitive performances . . . He’s World-Class!” - Joseph Taylor


An American Cat in the Lion City (short)

The documentary film An American Cat in the Lion City is a short gaze, a palimpsest, into the life and work of the American jazz guitarist, Greg Chako. In the film we experience swinging acoustic jazz of a very high calibre indeed, the jazz that Greg and his various bands have played in Asia for over six years. This short version of the film was expanded to a full length movie of the same name a year later.